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Wholesale Markets

CCE is invested heavily in both the exotic durian fruit industry and the luxury birds nest markets. The widely anticipated CCECOIN ICO is fast approaching, and this will position CCE to further invest within these sectors.




We are currently developing almost 4000 acres of premium durian plantations - with a focus on the higher quality Musang King variety.  Current Malaysian projects are under development in various parts of the country:


  • 2,000 acres in Sarawak of durian being planned with eco-tourism infrastructures

  • 90 acres in Bentong consisting of fruit bearing durian trees

  • 100 acres in Raub being planned for new planting

  • 1,000 acres in Gua Musang now in the process of planting

  • Gua Musang has about 700 acres already planted, with the earliest trees about one year old



We believe that blockchain technology, with smart contracts, is the core engine for the long-term development of the durian industry. CCE, as founders of both the ecosystem and CCECOIN - a token which which fully complies with the ERC-20 standard, places CCE in a powerful position to both forge new trading channels but also trading technologies. CCE seeks to work together with durian growers to bridge the supply-demand gap.


There are huge opportunities in the market  - with the current supply of durian fruit only able to meet about 50% of total demand. Durian demand is assessed to be about one million tons per year. This translates to an annual market of about US$5 billion dollars. Currently, only 50% of this demand can be satisfied - leaving a US$2.5 billion dollar opportunity on the table. CCE is determined to put the ecosystem to work - to unify disconnected markets and forge a new reality for the durian market.




Only though technology can CCE seek to harness market players into a unified spearhead - to provide a sufficient force to bring tangible change to the dynamics of the durian industry. Working across the local government sector, business associations, and consulting on-the-ground-growers, has revealed that signifcant opportunities exist within the sector, and yet, without implementing significant restructure across the supply chain, tangible progress would be unlikely to be achieved at any measurable or significant level.

CCE has aggressively sought to bring about efficiencies in both Southeast Asia trade in general, and more specifically in the area of both durian trade and the luxury bird nest markets. Harnessing the markets within a dynamic ecosystem is the key for growth. The static durian market can only be invigorated with a program of change - and with the introduction of the CCE ecosystem and CCECOIN as a medium of exchange, we see a multi-billion dollar opportunity in the making.


Post ICO, CCE will be  announcing significant new channel developments in the exotic durian fruit and luxury bird nest markets.