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As part of the club, members can become the proud owner of one or more Malaysian Musang King durian trees for a period of 25 years. This is a 'first' within the industry, and represents an unparalleled opportuntity to experience the durian farm experience close-up. Ideal for lovers of durian fruit and a great opportunity for friends and whole families to enjoy what is not only a delicious experience, but also a fun and profitable activity!


Let's explore the benefits. Remember all prices are detailed in USD:


  • Own your own durian tree

  • Travel to the farm and enjoy your own durians for the next 25 years

  • Transferable ownership

  • Enjoy free durian at any time of the year

  • No more price surprises for durian prices

  • Earn revenue from your investment

  • Fresh durian always available

  • Get yourself to the farm and eat durian for free

  • Stay at the farm and get the maximum benefit

  • Every owner gets a free life time membership in our own Durian Lover’s Club

  • Free durian for 25 years for you and your family

  • No separate maintenance fees payable

  • Multiple trees may be purchased

  • Number of trees limited by acreage

  • After the deduction of maintenance costs, and management costs, investors share in the revenue from sales of the durian from purchased trees

  • Assume you buy a tree at $10,000, so your yearly cost over 25 years is just $400 per year for you and your family to enjoy free durians for the next 25 years. That’s a bargain - but with revenue also derived from the investment - the tree ownership program represents amazing value.


We are currently offering new planting options, as well as established fruit bearing trees. The prices are the same, as older plants may not be of the higher quality Musang King variety.  Offering tree ownership in multiple locations also ensures flexibility for buyers - as a tree proximate to an investor's home adds convenience for regular travel to and from the farm. Each plantation offers its own unique characteristics. 


Current Malaysian projects, which will be offered to investors over time, are under development in various parts of the country:


  • 2,000 acres in Sarawak of durian being planned with eco-tourism infrastructures

  • 90 acres in Bentong consisting of fruit bearing durian trees

  • 100 acres in Raub being planned for new planting

  • 1,000 acres in Gua Musang now in the process of planting

  • Gua Musang has about 700 acres already planted, with the earliest trees about one year old


Each tree can produce roughly 100 fruits of Musang King per harvest, with two harvests per year. Each fruit weighs about 2 Kg. Musang King is selling at around $25 per Kg.




  • 100 durian fruit per harvest

  • Two harvests per year per tree

  • Each fruit averaging 2 Kg in weight

  • Current pricing is US$25 per kg


This translates to some $10,000 revenue per tree, per year. Revenue is expected to commence  in year six, after the tree reaches maturity. After deducting maintenance and management costs, there would be a gross return to the investor of about $3,333 per year. Therefore, over the final 20 years of the ownership of the tree, a total return on investment would equate to 20 x $3,333, or a total of $66,660 over the lifetime of your investment, or a 566% return on capital invested (after deducting the initial cost of your investment). It's a tremendous opportunity and we are excited to go on this journey with you.


Durian Tree Ownership FAQs


Q. Can I sell my tree in the future?


Q. Are there any fees for transfer?

A. Yes, a ten percent fee is payable

Q.  Can I transfer my tree (s) to my own children or relatives?

A. Yes, 10% fees still apply

Q. Are there any maintenance fees?

A. No

Q. After 25 years, do we still have any benefits?

A. No. Your benefits will expire

Q. How many times can I come to eat durian?

A. No limit as long as the durian is in season - which is twice per year

Q. How many people can I bring in my family?

A  Depends on your purchase. Owning one tree is limited to four persons per family. Family members must join our durian club to enjoy free durian. Membership can be purchased at the farm


Q. What if the tree dies before 25 years?

A. We will replant for free

Q. Do I need to book before visiting?

A. Yes, best to do so because durian fruits are seasonal

Q. How will I know when is the best time to visit

A. We will publish the time of the fruit availability

Q. How will I get the best value from the club and trips to the farm?

A. Plan ahead for your best enjoyment

Q. Is transport to the farm included?  

A. A fee of $20.00 per person is charged and pickup locations will be published

Q. Can we visit the trees at any time?

A. Yes, you can visit at any time

Q. Can we stay at the farm?

A. Yes, but reservations are required and advanced room bookings are not refundable