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DURIAN CLUBS is committed to the welfare and development of the durian industry. As a premium club service, members will be able to access a panel of experts, who will be able to adivse on a range of diverse topics faced by the durian farming community.


Topics such as crop innovation, threats to durian trees and fruits, farming techniques, water and irrigation methods, how to increase durian fruit yield, modernizing the farm, soil composition and organic farming, and access to our library of useful data is all part of the premium club membership.


CCE has direct developing operations in a number of locations ans is well qualified to host the panel. CCE's current developments:



  • 2,000 acres in Sarawak of durian being planned with eco-tourism infrastructures

  • 90 acres in Bentong consisting of fruit bearing durian trees

  • 100 acres in Raub being planned for new planting

  • 1,000 acres in Gua Musang now in the process of planting

  • Gua Musang has about 700 acres already planted, with the earliest trees about one year old