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Durian Clubs

Offering speciality durian since 2017

-   ABOUT US  -

Durian Clubs is a subsidiary of CCE ECOSYSTEM LIMITED  (“CCE”). CCE has close connections with the exotic durian fruit market, particularly the Malaysian Musang king durian growers. Based on insights from industry players, CCE, in June 2017, undertook an in depth study of the supply and demand of the Malaysian durian market, and launched Durian Clubs!


Durian is a highly sought after exotic fruit. It is widely known that China is the biggest consumer market of the durian fruit and is actively looking to expand the durian supply as a downstream product. However, it has been difficult for China to acquire sufficient quantity of the fruit. CCE is actively developing a massive ecosystem throughout Southeast Asia, operated on blockchain technology to bring about trading efficiencies in the trade of durian fruit and for goods and services in general. The CCECOIN token is promoted currency used as a financial means of payment for pair to peer trading on the ecosystem, and smart contracts powered by Ethereum, which remove trading risk, is one of the ecosystem's key advantages promoted by CCE.




CCE is set to make substantial investments, mainly throughout Southeast Asia, in the acquisition of large parcels of land for the purposes of increasing supply of durian to the market. The durian fruit harvested from these large tracts of land are handled in two distinctive ways:


  • CCE intends to take a direct position in the wholesale process - acquiring land, planting high quality Musang King variety of durian, and selling on the ecosystem - using CCECOIN as a means of monetary exchange

  • the secondary means of increasing interest in durian is in the club offer of eat-all-you-can offers and tree purchasing options - where the buyer can enjoy free durian and a steady source of income for 25 years


Durian Clubs offers premium members access to a panel of durian agri-experts who are able to provide significant levels of expertise to those involved in the various areas of durian growing, harvesting, distribution, and use as a downstream product.




CCE is in the process of introducing a massive Southeast Asia ecosystem based on blockchain technology, along with CCECOIN, a cryptocurrency token, used as a means of exchange within the trading system - launching into the Asian market in 2019.