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Durian Clubs

The taste of durian is absolutely indescribable - pure heaven!


Welcome to CCE Durian Clubs! Durian clubs is a subsidiary of CCE ECOSYSTEM LIMITED (HK) (“CCE”). Our purpose is to promote the exotic durian fruit business within the developing CCE ecosystem. Our members fall into two categories - consumers who can enjoy annual paid visits to durian plantations to participate in amazing eat-all-you-can tourist events, as well as participate in multiple durian festivals held around Asia - experiencing the ultimate in sampling the wide varieties of the exotic durian fruit!  


The other sector catered for by the club is supporting the farm owners by providing agri-consulting - helping farmers to maximize crop yields and crop quality. The club also works within the wider CCE ECOSYSTEM, and facilitates durian farmers to move produce throughout Asia.


No matter what your level of interest, Durian Clubs is the perfect gateway to buy, sell, trade, share, and seek consulting - and always enjoying the exotic taste of durian together!